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  • How long does the average annuity take to issue?
    The average annuity takes less than 30 days to issue, ranging anywhere from 5 – 10 business days for cash with application and up to 45-60 days with transfers. The time frame depends on the transferring company and whether the application is received in good order (IGO).
  • What is Product Training?
    Product Training is a product knowledge course that is required by annuity insurance companies before any annuity business is solicited. Please check with the annuity insurance company to ensure that you have taken their own course before soliciting any annuity new business. Most of these courses can be found on the insurance company’s website.
  • What is Suitability?
    Suitability is a process that is practiced by most annuity insurance companies based on the Annuitant’s financial assets and financial goals in order to make a determination that the annuity purchased is suitable for their needs. For information regarding Suitability please contact our Annuity Department at 877-214-3013 or via email at
  • How to move 401(k)/Pension Plan/Retirement Accounts into an Annuity?
    Qualified Retirement Plans such as 401(k), 403(b), and pension plans typically require a client to complete specific distribution/rollover paperwork provided by the plan provider. Before initiating a Qualified Plan rollover we recommend that you advise your client to contact their plan provider or administrator to request this paperwork. Please contact our Annuity Department with any additional questions.
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